Welcome to Roja!

In nowadays Roja has become the capital of the summer!

A place where people love to spend their free time, enjoy summer holidays, sea breeze and the generosity of the nature.  We have the most beautiful sea, the softest white sand, and the greenest forests that hold centuries old secrets.

At the same time Roja Municipality is modern and developed. Here you can enjoy exquisite meals in contemporary restaurants, go on an exciting boat trip down the Roja River or simply catch the wind on the deck of a yacht while being in an open sea. Also, here you can try a real fishermen feast together with the fishermen, play golf with your friends, simply be at the beach with your children, or beat the new rope track that is installed high up in the slender pines. After being done with all of the activities, you can delight yourself in calming and relaxing bathhouse procedures under guidance of trained bathhouse specialists.



Roja Tourism Information Centre

Address: Selgas 14E, Roja, Roja County, LV – 3264
Telephone: +371 28630590